Machine Gun Kelly will broadcast concert at the Roxy Theatre

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Machine Gun Kelly will broadcast two concerts at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California next month.

This is the artist’s upcoming album Tickets to My Downfall. Part of the release event. Each performance is the entire performance of an album.

On October 1st, the musician will fully display the hyped ticket-Travis Barker assisted “Rap Devil” performer’s pop-punk album, which will be released It will be released on Friday (September 25).

One week later, on October 8, the full performance of Machine Gun Kelly’s previous album “2019 Diablo” (Hotel Diablo) will be held.



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Kelly’s real name is Kelson Baker, and he announced two concerts in a low-key manner on Twitter: “Both albums are played,” he said. “There are two shows. I live on Roxy on Sunset Boulevard and can watch it at home.

Tickets for “My Fall” have come a long way. Last year, Machine Gun Kelly promised to release the “Rock Album of 2020”.

 This idea is embodied in songs such as “Why Are Here” and is expected to get guest appearances from rock musicians, such as Bert McCracken for used cars and Barker for Blink-182. Then, this effort ran into art obstacles.

The planned cover art was apparently “copied from photos of Kelly’s camp, but not owned,” he made it clear when the musician apologized to the original artist.

Tickets for Kelly’s upcoming two live shows will go on sale on Thursday (September 24) starting at 9 pm Pacific Time, USA.

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