Manchester United followers attack club boss Ed

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Last night, some people chorusing that he is going to die, attacked the home of Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward. Cheshire Police are investigating there. They authenticated that no one harmed in last night’s attack. Woodward is a married person with two young children. All of them were not present there in the home at that moment. So, they are safe and sound.

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A video posted on social media last night. In that footage, there are some hodded figures throwing red flares on the large gate of his home at Cheshire. And other persons sang songs there aimed at the 48-year-old. They also sprayed the red paint on his home; as the red color is a representation of an emergency or something dangerous. 

Manchester United said that everyone who is doing criminal aggression or trespassing, and we would ban them for life. If our fans express their opinion, it’s natural, and they have the right to give a piece of advice, no problem. But any severe criminal damage to our operators or to endanger someone’s life is not a simple thing. Manchester United Football Club have today around evening time been made mindful of the occurrence outside the home of one of our employees. The club also said that we know that the football world will unite behind us. Because we will work together with Greater Manchester Police to distinguish the culprits of this vicious assault.

At the ongoing home game against Burnley and Sunday’s FA Cup achievement over Tranmere, supporters have sung a similar verse about Woodward and made rehashed requires the club’s owners, the Glazer family, to leave the club.

What Cheshire Police Say:

Cheshire police investigating the whole incident, and they confirmed that they received a call about that incident of criminal damage on the evening of Tuesday, involving a large group of people. Police also stated that it was good that nobody harmed in that attack. Furthermore, officials will liaise with security authorities over the coming days to build up the full conditions encompassing this occurrence and recognize those included. 

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