Mandalorian crashes into Star Wars universe in its season 2 finale

True to form, The Mandalorian’s finale finished in a sensational standoff between Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) — otherwise known as, Mando — and Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) over the destiny of Grogu (née Baby Yoda). However, “The Rescue” didn’t simply run into the normal difficulties for an attack on an enormous Imperial cruiser: it likewise ran into the standard Star Wars universe in the greatest manner yet.

Mandalorian crashes into Star Wars
Mandalorian crashes into Star Wars

Decent for Mando, however, things didn’t go very as arranged.

The outcome? The Child is saved, however, Luke is removing him to proceed with his preparation in the methods of the Force. It’s a move that has huge implications, for both Mando and the show that bears his name.

Mandalorian | Grogu

All things considered, Grogu has been inseparable from The Mandalorian throughout the previous two years. Indeed, even toward the end, Mando thinks that it’s difficult to give up.

Mandalorian crashes into Star Wars

Where things go next is hazy. The Luke who we meet here is an altogether different individual from the youthful Jedi who battled with Vader. And the Emperor on the Death Star a couple of years sooner or the grizzled. Tainted recluse living in willful outcast after his inability to prepare Ben Solo/Kylo Ren.
This is Luke at his prime, back when he had faith in preparing another age of Jedi.

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Obviously — and, rather concerning where Grogu is concerned — we realize that Luke’s endeavors are bound to disappointment. In only a couple brief years (a squint of an eye for Grogu, given the relatively moderate maturing of his and Yoda’s race), Ben Solo will turn on his lord, butcher the Jedi learners at Luke’s sanctuary, and be reawakened as Kylo Ren at the bleeding edge of the First Order. Ideally, Grogu won’t be among them when he does.

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