March 8: International Women’s Day 2020

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International Women’s Day 2020, celebrated every year on 8 March, is a very important day and celebrated in different ways in every part of the world.

International Women’s Day is a commemoration date that has reached a global dimension. It will take place on Sunday, 8 March. It is representing the women’s struggle for women’s rights and equal opportunities within society. Throughout history, there have been numerous women who have struggled, with action and speech, to create a society with equality between different genders.

Women’s Day In Around the World

In Russia, that day is full of flowers, chocolates, and other gifts. And all men congratulate their mothers, women, daughters, friends, and colleagues. On the eve of 8 March, the sale of flowers in Russia increased 10 times compared to other seasons of the year.

In Spain and the countries of Latin America, millions of women take to the streets to participate in feminist marches. And defend their rights.

In Chile, every day and in each role women play, they have become true heroines for all those who continue to work for a substantial change.
Since 18 October 2019, women have been protagonists of social and citizen protests in their various forms. Women of Mourning, a silent march of females, dressed in black, with flowers in their hands, who walk in memory of the murdered, wounded, mutilated, and political prisoners of the revolt, are examples of this.

Oman, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar– Four Middle Eastern countries have announced official International Women’s day 2020 events.

Qatari women said that when she had come 10 years ago to Qatar. She had been afraid that she would not find work as a woman in a senior position. Because it was the culture [in which] most of the men were working. She had taken it as a goal in life that if she had reached a senior position, she would have equal numbers of men and women [working for him]. In the museum then, she had a team of half women, half men, [all] with the same salary.
She also said that there were very few events in Qatar.

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