Mark Zuckerberg posted memes on social media

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Mark Zuckerberg posted memes on social media
Mark Zuckerberg posted memes on social media

Mark Zuckerberg becomes the focus of social media

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has once again become the focus of Internet attention. But this is not to testify to Congress or the ongoing advertiser boycott of Facebook’s hate speech policy. This time it was because the CEO used a lot of sunscreens.

Mark Zuckerberg posted a meme

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a meme and joke online. He had previously applied too much sunscreen on his Hawaiian surfboard photos, so he boarded social media.

A widely shared photo shows Zuckerberg on an electric surfboard in Hawaii. He used too much sunscreen on his face during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although many people cannot ignore the singularity of Zuckerberg and Batman villain Joker. Others have compared the billionaires with the data in Star Trek.

Mark Zuckerberg posted memes on social media
Mark Zuckerberg posted memes on social media

When the Facebook founder was surfing in Hawaii. Photos of his face covered with a layer of healthy sunscreen became popular on Twitter after appearing online on Sunday. According to the “New York Post” report, Zuckerberg was found wearing a hoodie and a lot of sunscreens. While surfing with professional surfer Kay Lane.

“Mark Zuckerberg got another mask during the pandemic.” As dozens of comparative memes quickly formed and shared, Twitter wrote.

As his company continued to suffer from pervasive advertising boycotts, the dissemination of COVID-19 propaganda. The president’s contentious position, the 36-year-old founder was eliminated on Saturday during some R&Rs off the coast of Hawaii.

New York Post

According to the “New York Post” through a content business called “Mega Agency” released several pictures of surfing holidays. The owner of the social network riding an Efoil electronic surfboard worth 12,000 US dollars, and was the Security team catching up.

According to reports, the billionaire’s technical CEO sparkles with professional surfer Kai Lenny. Unlike Zuckerberg, he looks shirtless and does not have much sunscreen.

The focus of the appeal is Zuckerberg’s previous legal action against Hawaiians who own land near his area. However, these lawsuits were dropped in 2017 as the CEO promised to “find a better way.”

In any case, this year’s petition is hyped.

On Friday, Zuckerberg made headlines after he publicly criticized the Trump administration’s. How he is handling the new coronavirus health crisis in the United States. In a conversation with leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Zuckerberg said that politicians’ treatment of the pandemic was “disappointing”.

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