Marriage Story Review: Adam Driver & Scarlett Johansson At Its Best

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Marriage Story Review

Noah Baumbach direction and persuasive scriptwriting are once again back with the incredible storyline, and this story is none other than “Marriage Story”. Marriage story is all about a wrenching divorce storyline which is altogether playing like a rom-com.

It is included with the sharp dialogue work with fantastic scriptwriting which is so much spell-bounding. Let’s check out the storyline review of Marriage Story!

Marriage Story Review
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What is Marriage Story All About?

Marriage story is the latest Netflix film that is all about marriage relation, which reaches into the painful condition of divorce and separation. The story is revolving around a married couple who tries to escalate their relationship by making it ass through some painful extremes.

Noah, as the principal director and scriptwriter of the face, fully knows how to show the positive and negative sides of one face. And this is what he has brilliantly done in this film!

Charlie, as Adam Driver as the theatre director and Nicole, played by Scarlett Johansson, is the main two lead characters of the film. The whole story of the film revolves between these two characters. At the beginning of the few scenes, the audience might be confused for a second to understand the main plot of the film.

The film first scene starts from the point when Nicole is reading some love letters which Adam had written to her. And according to these letters, the couple has been so much happy in their past ten years of marriage.

 But later on comes a moment when a mediator is asking Nicole to read the letter aloud, but she instantly gets annoyed and refused to do so. The story is about how the two people suffer through the separation stages and how their kids suffer at the worst level.

All the things get even much worst when Nicole refuses to involve any lawyer in their divorce case. In short, throughout the whole film, you will feel how Nicole and Charlie fight off from their incomparable thoughts and hops and facing aggressive actions of their lawyers.

Marriage Story Review
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Perfect Direction by Noah Baumbach

Baumbach’s piece of direction is entirely restrained, but there have been some of the stylistic flourishes that made the whole world a difference into. The cinematography has been done by Robbie Ryan’s in which he has entirely shot the characters of the film by showing out their feelings and emotions.

If at one shot he has correctly represented Charlie and Nicole to be in deep love with one another, then on the other shot, he has beautifully represented the both to be fierce enemies of one another with anger expression on their face. This is a real sign of a professional cinematographer.

Main Cast of Marriage Story

  • Scarlett Johansson as Nicole Barber
  • Adam Driver as Charlie Barber
  • Laura Dern as Nora Fanshaw
  • Alan Alda as Bert Spitz
  • Ray Liotta as Jay Marotta
  • Azhy Robertson as Henry Barber
  • Julie Hagerty as Sandra
  • Merritt Wever as Cassie
  • Mark O’Brien as Carter
  • Matthew Shear as Terry
  • Brooke Bloom as Mary Ann
  • Kyle Bornheimer as Ted
  • Mickey Sumner as Beth
  • Wallace Shawn as Frank
  • Martha Kelly as The Evaluator
Marriage Story
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Box Office Collection of Marriage Story

Netflix has a rule of never disclosing the net gross earnings of any released film. But according to inside sources, the estimated net growth income of Marriage Story is almost $160,000 from five theatres which were earned in the opening weekend. Noah, as the principal director and scriptwriter of the face, fully knows how to show the positive and negative sides of one face. 

In the first five days, the film earned around $200,000. Being played on almost 16 different theatre screens, the film has received an expected amount of $140,000 and later on estimated the earning amount of $340,000 which was collected from almost 85 theatres in its third coming week.

By expanding the film release on 130 theatre screens, the film earned an amount of around $360,000, which is running about $1.2 million. By 1st December 2019, Marriage story has received around $1.2 million in North America as well as around $117,499 in various other territories, for an estimated worldwide total of around $1.3 million.

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