Marsha p johnson

Marsha p. johnson
Marsha p. johnson

Marsha P. Johnson, who claimed to be the queen of disguise, posthumously allotted marshal of the New York Pride Parade. As part of this year’s “Pride Month”, tech giant Google paid tribute to

LGBTQ + rights activists and performers through creative graffiti.

Marsha P. Johnson born:

Johnson was born on August 24, 1945, in Malcolm Michaels Jr, Elizabeth, New Jersey. After graduating from high school in 1963, she moved to Greenwich Village,

New York City, an emerging LGBTQ+ crowd cultural center. Then she legally changed her name to

Marsha P Johnson. Allegedly, her middle initial “P” represents her answer to those who question her gender-“pay it no mind”.

Most of our understanding of Marsha

comes from accounts of people who are different from her

or from the same place. As transgender identities become more accessible worldwide, it is imperative

to introduce the institute to black transgender people seeking rebellion, struggling to survive, and looking for communities.

“Johnson is a popular charismatic figure in the LGBTQ+ community and is considered to be one of the main leaders

of the Stonewall Uprising in 1969-extensively regarded as a key turning point in the international LGBTQ+ rights movement. The following year, she founded Street Transvestite

(now with transgender activist Sylvia Rivera (Sylvia Rivera) as a transgender action revolutionary (STAR).

Marsha P. Johnson statue:

In 2019, New York City announced plans to put up statues of Johnson and Rivera in Greenwich Village

, which will be one of the first memorials in the world to credit transgender people.

Google also thanked Johnson for stimulating people around the world to defend their freedom.

Marsha P. Johnson College (MPJI) and the search engine giant is a partnership, to graffiti. Elji Hearns, founder and executive director of MPJI, called the cooperation a bold move,

saying that graffiti will enthuse people to live freely, and reminds people that Black and LGBTQ+ have a history of more than a



The charity department of the California company has also donated $500,000 to


a foundation dedicated to ending sadism against black transgender women across the United States

and creating a safe, valuable, and treated world decorum.

The funding is based on Google’s recent $2.4 million assurance to support the global LGBTQ+

community nonprofit organization, which will provide cash assistance directly to Black Trans personnel through the organization’s COVID-19.

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