Martin Luther King Day| Why we Celebrate?

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Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King was the civil rights hero of America. In January, the people celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. For more than 30 years, January has been dedicated for this purpose. Martin Luther was a civil rights activist who worked for racial equality.

Martin Luther King Day

Before 1964, in America, black people were treated as second class citizens. White people made them a slave. In some portions of the country, black people weren’t permitted to use the same schools, cinemas, or even public toilets as white people. In the past, black people cannot enjoy equal rights as white people.

15 January was the date of the birth of the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (Martin Luther King). He was the most charismatic leader of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s until his assassination in 1968. King gave his speech (I have a dream) on 28 August 1963. The length of his speech was 17 minutes. He inspired millions of people with his speech and brought about the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  

The Act of Civil Rights of 1964 ended the division of people by race and banned companies from not giving a job to black people. The separation based on religion, gender, or race was strictly prohibited. He was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. But after four years, when he was planning a national occupation for Poor People’s Campaign, he was assassinated. To remember his successes, people in America celebrate his memory on Martin Luther King Day by giving a day off school or work.

He has four children. In his speech, he said that his four children would live in a nation where all the people enjoy equal rights. He dreams a world where black and white people live together like a brother and sister.

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