Mary Trump recently published a book and discuss race discrimination in it

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Mary Trump

On Thursday, Mary Trump, a niece of Donald Trump, who recently has published a book, said that she heard that her uncle use race discrimination accusation including N-word in the past.

Rachel Maddow Show

In the Rachel Maddow Show, Mary Trump was asked by the host that if she had actually heard Donald Trump’s use of fanatic language and slurs.

She answered She answered, “No doubt, obviously, I did,” likewise, “And I don’t feel that need to shock anyone, given how destructively bigot he’s today.”

The host, Maddow, pushed her and asked further, “Have you heard the president use the N-word?” She confirmed it by saying, “Oh yeah, of course, I did,” Mary Trump said.

“And I don’t think that ought to surprise anybody given how virulently racist he’s today.”

Further exemplifying the history of race discrimination, she added that racism and racist language was “perfectly commonplace and ordinary” in her family.

“I didn’t share their ideas about race and Judaism in the least. But you recognize, once you get older thereupon being perfectly normal, you don’t really consider it”

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Mary Trump claimed

Prior to this interview, Mary Trump claimed to Washington Post, that racism is considered to be normal among her family.

She additionally stated, “Growing up, it had been somewhat ordinary to hear them out utilize the N-word or utilize hostile to Semitic articulations.

“Presently, Mary Trump is having a publicity tour for the promotion of her newly-launched book ‘Too Much and Never Enough:

How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.’.

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Mary seems to be one of the best sellers

This book has become crossed 950,000 sales on preorders and, seems to be one of the best sellers.

As she is a clinical psychologist by education, has made so many claims in her book that her uncle.

Donald Trump was mentally abused by his father Fred. So, he has deceived his way into The Wharton School by paying someone to take the entrance exam.

Adding this, she also said that her uncle was a textbook braggart. Donald’s Trump brother, Robert, gave his best attempt to censor the publication of the book but failed. A judge made a restriction on Mary Trump conducting a press tour for the promotion of her book.

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