Massive explosion felt across Houston

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A massive explosion at an industrial building was felt in Houston, a city in Texas, early Friday. It also damaged the nearby houses.

The Fire Department said that one person injured in this incident because of the blast. 

Massive explosion

Witnesses say that the explosion happened at about 4:25 am early this Friday Central time.

The explosion also shook the other buildings. Due to blast, people saw the smoke over the area. Houston police say in a tweet that they were responding, and Patrol units were blocking off streets in the area.

Police Chief requested in a predawn tweet to avoid this area. 

Blast breaks windows and damages doors

Local TV showed many residents reporting crack ceilings, and broken windows form the explosion. Mark Brady, who lives about a half-mile near the blast site, says that the explosion sounded like a plane crash. He also said that the blast busted out every window, roof, and wall in his house.

A resident told KTRK that he thought might be the house had gotten hot by lightning, and then he realized there had been no storm.

“I live downtown, and I felt it all the way downtown,” said Pena, the fire chief.

Joey Charpentier, another Houston resident, made and posted the video on social media. A fireball rose from the scene appears to show.

Firefighters were exploring the area around the site and urging people to leave the site. 

Initial reports say the explosion appeared just before 4:30 am Central time.

A temporary shelter has opened for people

Pena, the fire chief, says that a church in the area is serving as a shelter for the people whose homes damaged in the incident. It is trying to estimate how many people need to leave their houses due to the damage.

Mayor Sylvester asked people to stay away from the damaged area so that emergency responders could work. 

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