Megan Gaither: Teacher’s Suspension Over OnlyFans Raises Salary Questions

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Megan Gaither, a 31-year-old teacher at St. Clair High School in Missouri, recently found herself at the center of controversy when a student left a note hinting at knowledge of her personal life. This led to her suspension due to her involvement with an OnlyFans account, where she claims to have earned an extra $5,000 a month, challenging the financial strains faced by educators despite her $47,000 annual salary.

Megan Gaither’s Dual Role at St. Clair High School

Megan Gaither, a vibrant 31-year-old, served as both an English teacher and the varsity cheerleading coach at St. Clair High School in Missouri. Her career took a turn when a note left by a student, suggesting awareness of her personal life, led to her being placed on leave.

Discovering the Secret: The Unveiling of an OnlyFans Account

Allegations surfaced, revealing a parallel life where Megan was involved with an OnlyFans account, supplementing her income by earning an additional $5,000 monthly. Despite her annual salary, she sought financial stability, much like her colleague Brianna Coppage, who had previously made headlines for a similar reason.

Megan Gaither
Megan Gaither

Challenges Faced by Educators: Financial Strains and Supplementing Income

Speaking to the Post-Dispatch, Gaither acknowledged the financial difficulties faced by teachers. With her earnings insufficient to cover expenses during the summer break, the allure of additional income through unconventional means became apparent.

The Downfall: A Balancing Act Between Career and Personal Choices

Gaither’s attempts to conceal her identity on OnlyFans were futile when exposed by a colleague, raising questions about her career trajectory and the right to private choices.

Megan Gaither
Megan Gaither

Reactions and the Future: Advocacy for Change and Career Decisions

Expressing her intentions to make noise and highlight the challenges of teacher pay, Gaither hinted at a potential departure from St. Clair High School to advocate for change in the education sector. Despite facing challenges, she remains steadfast in her love for teaching and aiding her students’ growth.



1. How did Megan Gaither respond to the revelations about her OnlyFans account?

Megan Gaither expressed the challenges faced by educators in making ends meet, highlighting the financial strains during breaks and defending her choice to seek additional income through unconventional means.

2. What motivated Megan Gaither to engage in such a side hustle?

Gaither was motivated by financial difficulties, emphasizing the insufficient teacher salary and the struggle to maintain finances during breaks.

3. How did her colleague’s exposure impact Megan Gaither?

After her colleague’s revelation, Gaither felt the pressure and attempted to conceal her identity on the platform. However, suspicions persisted, leading to her subsequent exposure.

4. What does Megan Gaither plan for the future?

Gaither expressed her desire to advocate for change in the education sector regarding teacher pay, hinting at a potential departure from St. Clair High School.

5. How does Megan Gaither view her choices and public perception?

Gaither emphasized the subjective nature of morality, defending her right to personal choices while expressing frustration over her involuntary exposure.

6. How does Megan Gaither intend to address the media’s involvement in her personal life?

Gaither indicated her readiness to speak to the media and take control of her narrative, challenging the stigma associated with unconventional career choices.


Megan Gaither’s suspension over her involvement with an OnlyFans account sheds light on the financial struggles teachers face. Her story prompts discussions about the challenges of educator salaries and the right to personal choices. As she contemplates her future and potential departure from St. Clair High School, Gaither’s narrative serves as a catalyst for advocating fairer compensation in the education sector.

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