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Mesut Özil prays before his every kick-off, as he claims that it helps him a lot during his hard and tough times.

He tweeted a GIF recently, in which it is seen that Özil is holding communication with his God as he is about to start.

Mesut Ozil prays before every match
Mesut Ozil prays before every match

He also declared that doing this act always helps him when he and his teammates are facing tough times.

Mesut Özil expresses generosity for his teammates as he said he especially prays for his fellow mates that everyone stays healthy.

It is always seen that Özil’s faith is quite important to him and also a part of his pre-game custom. 

In one of his interviews, he said he always recites verses of the Qur’an as it gives him spirits to lift his ways.

While talking to the Berlin-based daily Der Tagesspiegel, Mesut claimed “I always do that before I go out [on the pitch].

I pray and my teammates know that they cannot talk to me during this brief period.”



There are a lot of features of Mesut Özil’ faith that clashes with his career, analyzing the example of the holy month of Ramadan.

Özil mentioned his rituals about Ramadan by saying, “Because of my job I cannot follow Ramadan properly.

I do it only a few days I can, only when I have a free day. But other than it is impossible, because you have to drink and eat a lot to stay at peak fitness.”

This German-born Turkish midfielder once tweeted a picture of him in the holy city of Mecca.

That picture was captioned with a quote from Qur’an in which he was speaking out against slurs against Islam.

This tweet was retweeted by thousands of users and his fans too, Özil wrote above the photo, “terrorism has no place in Islam”

That photo also bears the words that include’ “whoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as he has killed all mankind.

And whoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.”

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