Mesut Özil promised to support BigShoe in 2021 too

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Mesut Özil promised to support the Big Shoe project with 157 surgeries for children in need. Mesut said in a recent tweet that he will continue his work in 2021 too, to help the children in need. Özil wrote, “Thank You! I’m super proud of our Big Shoe project with 157 surgeries for children in need (suffering from left cleft lip, fire wound, clubfoot, and others) in 2020. We have helped children in six different countries live better lives. “

Özil thanked all the doctors and team members working for Big Shoe for making the project possible. He wrote, “I personally want to say thank you to all the doctors and the team behind BigShoe for making this possible. Please continue your important work. I promise that I will do my part and will continue to help in 2021.”

BigShoe is a worldwide charity that focuses on aiding disadvantaged kids with life-changing medical operations. These operations are usually for cleft lips and palates, cataracts, heart defects, burns, and more.


Özil is involved in charity since 2014 and promised to support in 2021 too

Mesut Özil promised to support BigShoe in 2021 too
Mesut Özil promised to support BigShoe in 2021 too

Mesut Özil has been involved in charity since the year 2014. When he took on the 11 kids who needed surgery during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. This worldwide charity was founded in the year 2006. Since then the charity has carried out 1600 much-needed operations for poverty-stricken children around the world.

Mesut and his wife, named Amine Gulse celebrated their wedding day in Istanbul by funding surgery for 1000 children through BigShoe. Özil wrote on his Instagram, “many fans have asked me, my close relatives, and friends about our wishes for tomorrow’s wedding.

As a professional footballer, I am in a fortunate and privileged position. However, I invite everyone willing and able to help to support a very special project close to both of our hearts that we will undertake with BigShoe.”

Besides motivating others, he said, “Amine and I will bear the expenses for surgeries of 1000 children in need.”

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