Mesut Özil sends 1000 masks to a young Kenyan fan.

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The Arsenal star, Mesut Özil sends 1000 masks to a young Kenyan Fan. Mesut helped erase the pandemic by sending 1000 masks to an 11-year-old Lawrence Masira, a young Kenyan football fan. Lawrence Masira becomes famous when the German International sent arsenal merchandise following a viral photo of him. In that photo Masira was herding cows with an Arsenal Jersey which was homemade.

Özil once again took part to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic by sending masks to a young fan from Kenya. Mesut Özil tweeted on his social media account by saying, “Together, we’ll get through this.” Mesut is talking about to erase the pandemic by helping each other and supporting one another. The pandemic in which many were collapsed and still are unable to stand and face the hardships.

Mesut Özil sends 1000 masks to a young Kenyan fan
Mesut Özil sends 1000 masks to a young Kenyan fan

In these difficult times, it is our responsibility to help and support as many as we can, if that’s possible. In the same way, Özil is also encouraging his fans and devotees to keep up the good work, until this pandemic gets over.

The German footballer, Mesut, further added by saying, “Thanks Alberto Franceschi for providing 1,000 masks for my mate Lawrence and his friends. Greetings from London to Kenya.” The Gunners Midfielder showed his love b sending a bag full of 1000 masks along with a signed autograph.

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Eric Njiru confirmed on his Twitter that Özil sent 1000 masks to young Kenyan fans.

The Kenyan sports reporter, Eric Njiru received the package of masks on behalf of Lawrence Masira. He wrote on his Twitter account, “Arsenal midfielder Mesut Özil sent Lawrence Masira masks for the new school term and a signed autograph.” He further praised Özil and his work by saying, “Mans a legend.”

Mesut Özil and Lawrence Masira got to know each other on the 14th of March, back in 2019. The Kenyan fan, Masira was captured by a social media user in December 2018. When Masira was herding cattle with a homemade Arsenal shirt that had the name and number of the former German international that was written brazenly with a marker.

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