Mesut Özil wants to play in Turkey and the USA before he retires: He said.

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The Arsenal midfielder, Mesut Özil wants to play in Turkey and the USA after his contract ends with Arsenal. Özil reveals during a Q and A session with his fans that he plans to play his football in Turkey and the US when he will eventually withdraw from the Premier League Club.

Mesut Özil wants to play in Turkey and USA
Mesut Özil wants to play in Turkey and USA

The 32-year-old was asked by one of his fans about the continuation of Özil’s career as Mesut took part in the Q & A session with them. He was asked if he will continue his career as a footballer after his contract at Arsenal ends. Response from the German footballer dropped plenty of clues and signs about his new aims and objectives as a footballer.

Özil wants to play in Turkey and the USA and especially with Fenerbahce.

These signs can indicate his new destination with Fenerbahce and DC United reported to be among the teams leading the pursue for his trademark or subscription.

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Özil replied by saying, “I definitely will. There are two countries I want to play football in before I retire: Turkey and the USA. If I went to Turkey, I could only go to Fenerbahce. This world cup winner was once asked why he supports the Istanbul-based club. So, Özil who is the highest-paid Arsenal player in history, revealed that he was a Fenerbahce fan since his childhood.

 The German replied, “I grew up as a Fenerbahce fan as a kid in Germany-every German-Turkish person supports a Turkish team when they grow up in Germany.” Mesut further added to his statements by saying, “And mine was Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce is like Real Madrid in Spain. The biggest club in the country.”

The Gunners midfielder has not played for Mikel Arteta’s side since March of the year 2020. The contract at the Emirates has only left with six months now, and Mesut has revealed many of the hints for his next destination. The determination and decision were made by Arteta not to select Özil when the Premier League was recommenced in June.

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