Mexico Independence Day, a festival full of traditional food and concerts

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People of Mexico never get tired of celebrating their victory against Spain. September 16 is still greeted as one of the biggest festivals in Mexico. Do you want to see the actual image of the culture of Mexico and its traditions? Mexico Independence day is going to be the best source ever for you, with some of the hottest Mexican music acts hitting the Strip to help commemorate the occasion.

A Brief History of Mexican victory against Spain: 

By 1810, Spain had ruled Mexico since 1521. Wars with Native Americans erupted and were suppressed brutally. A rigid caste system developed. Only Spaniards born in Spain could hold high-level government posts. On September 16, 1810, Father Don Miguel Gregorio Antonio Ignacio Hidalgo y Costilla y Gallaga Mandarte Villaseñor, a Roman Catholic Priest in the village of Dolores, rang his church bell, assembled the inhabitants of the town, and issued the Grito de Delores, the Cry of Delores, a call to rise and fight for independence.

Fireworks on Mexico Independence day
Fireworks on Mexico Independence day

What is Mexico’s real independence day?

Independence Day is officially on September 16, but the celebration has begun with a whole week’s holiday, which shows the dedication of the Mexican government to this special occasion. 

Mexicans are always so excited about the independence day that they started preparing for days. It seems that they can not afford to skip this festival and its shows at any cost. The music nights and acts are preparing to enhance the celebrations of the day. Mexican independence day is celebrated with cultural performances and an official march on the road. The roads of Mexico seem like a stage on this day. You will see everyone enjoying and celebrating independence with the whole of their hearts. 

Mexican Women traditional Dress on
Mexican Women traditional Dress

Mexico Independence Day, an event of joy:

Beautiful Mexican women will wear colorful traditional dresses and perform traditional dances and move on the streets. Mr. President will be starting the celebration on the evening of September 15 by ringing the official bell. On this big day, you are not going to see any of the empty roads. The beautiful fireworks are arranged to make this evening more memorable and unique. The lights in the sky leave people falling chins down. The night of September 15 brings joy and prosperity for the Mexicans. 

People do an official march on the road on Mexico Independence Day
People do an official march on the road on Mexico Independence Day

The event brings dance parties and an official march on the road. No event is ever complete without traditional food. At this special event, Mexicans prepare the most loved food of their country. The main dishes include Chiles en Nogada, pozole, Tamales, Sopa Azteca, Guacamole, etc. The management serves the food on the roads to everyone, and it does not end on food only. Mexicans have a wide variety of traditional drinks, including Bandera, Michelada, Tequila, etc. 

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Every single citizen of Mexico waits for this festival. Mexico Independence day is always full of colors, happiness, and smiling faces. The day recalls the freedom of the nation. 

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