Michael Bublé Video: he is accused of mistreating his wife Luisana Lopilato

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Michael Bublé Video: During the quarantine, hundreds of celebrities have been putting together a video on Instagram Live to live with their fans and make things a little more bearable. Recently, Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato decided to join this trend on Instagram.

Michael Bublé Video

However, something strange happened, and the fans did NOT like it at all: Michael Bublé had a great gesture, which has been interpreted as the mistreatment of Luisana Lopilato.

When they are shown on camera, the two begin to speak at the same time, and when Michael Bublé reacts, he elbows Luisana Lopilato, who can be described as very intense. 

Luisana Lopilato is first a little confused and expresses “sorry, sorry,” and immediately, Michael Bublé realizes his gesture and agrees to hug Luisana.

Although she wanted to compose it, the audience did not stop pointing out that said the gesture was very intense and violent, so now they wonder if Luisana Lopilato is fine after said video.

However, after the video has given much to talk about, Luisana Lopilato decided to speak to her fans to defend Michael Bublé, saying that her case does not go to the extremes that the audience believes.

Luisana Lopilato defends her husband

“It is staggering how some individuals are! While we are experiencing this pandemic, and we live moments of containment, anguish, dread, dejection, vulnerabilities of various types!

Consistently I go out with my husband to live to present to them a little delight, amusement, yearning, and we need to endure tuning in and seeing what noxious individuals distribute who come out to discuss anything and without knowing anything about our family, “says Luisana in an Instagram post.

Michael Bublé Video

Michael Bublé Video: She said that she would pick him on many times more. It isn’t reasonable! This person is hurting and taking advantage of this pandemic where the people are enduring, kicking the bucket, and locked up to have fame and more supporters. 

He is lying that I won’t permit since he disregards my family, so I ask you who have confided in me such a great amount for a considerable length of time that you don’t permit it either!

Without additional to state and do what I believe is correct when they disturb my family, I leave the results to God! Without additional to state and do what I believe is correct when they upset my family, I leave the results to God!

The world needs now more than ever “love, hope, values, unity, and solidarity” NOT this type of people “ends Luisana Lopilato.


What is certain is that it is NEVER okay for a couple to have these kinds of outbursts with you. A relationship must be based on respect, both emotional and physical.

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