Microsoft and SAS joins hands for deep technology!

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Microsoft and SAS
SAS COO and CTO Oliver Schabenberger

Microsoft and SAS announce partnership on deep technology.

Microsoft and SaS, both of which are privately held companies, have announced their joint venture.

Today’s data analytics and data management companies announced their partnership on Microsoft Azure would become SAS’s preferred cloud.

There would be deep integrations of the Microsoft product into the Sas ranging from Azure to Dynamics 365 and Power BI.

The two companies are also going to join hands to provide their customers with other products and services in the future.

The 44-year-old company is one of the Fortune 100 companies and has been there for a while. It has customers ranging from Allianz, Discover, Honda, HSBC, Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa, and Nestlé.

It also provides many services and products across a wide range of verticals. The company focuses on making their consumer data into actionable analytics. The company specializes in data analytics.

“It is a technology partnership,” SAS COO and CTO Oliver Schabenberger told me ahead of today’s announcement. “Our customers are increasingly moving to the cloud. I have something that I call the ‘principles of analytics.’ The first principle is that analytics follows the data; increasingly, data is moving to the cloud. We have our cloud operation at SAS. We have done enterprise hosting for over 20 years and have a lot of experience in that. So one of the strategic questions that I asked myself is, how do we combine what we love so much about our cloud and managed services and working directly with a customer with the scale, the agility, and the reach of a public cloud?”

The main reason behind the partnership of both of these companies is the democratize access to technologies like machine learning and analytics that would make life if their user is so much easier than before.

The CEO also added we are trying to make data visualization tools and services for our customers.

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