Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is releasing soon or not.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 latest
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 latest

Well, we start thinking about next year, because Microsoft’s recently released version does not include a new version of the flagship product 2-in-1. Although there are precedents that we will see the Surface Pro 8 in the next few weeks, at least it can say that this year is abnormal because COVID-19 has caused severe damage to the supply chain.

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However, despite this, we have not received any official news from Microsoft that it will not release the Surface Pro 8 this year. Moreover, whenever it appears, we will compare it with the Surface Pro 7 to check whether the battery life issue is resolved. Our new Surface Laptop Go review shows that Microsoft is still struggling with endurance.

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Surface Pro is in the best position of the Microsoft Surface series. It is more affordable than Surface Book, more powerful than Surface Go, and more flexible than Surface Laptop.

Last year, Microsoft added a new member to this family through the Surface Pro X, which promised to provide amazing battery life and luxurious design. Frustratingly, poor performance and compatibility issues with a wide range of Windows 10 applications are a major drawback.

Hope that Microsoft Surface Pro 8 can help the company make 2020 better than 2019. This is what we know about Surface Pro 8.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 release date

Microsoft may launch a surprising version of the Surface Pro 8 in the last few days of October, as suggested by its previous release date (described below), but this is not the case. “Windows Latest Edition” reported that it does not expect Microsoft to release Surface Pro 8 this fall. That will push it back to early 2021.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 release date
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 release date

This will allow us to focus on October 2020 as its release month. That being said, the end of the 1.5-year window period, plus two Surface Pro downgrades in June, shows that June 2020 is not a good backup option. This may be especially true if supply chain issues (which have hit the 5G iPad Pro) mess up Microsoft’s schedule.

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Microsoft has planned a busy 2020 holiday because both Surface Neo and Surface Duo will launch at the end of this year, although Neo has reportedly postponed to 2021.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 price

Due to the relatively stable pricing for many years, even if there is no leakage, the price of the Surface Pro 8 is not difficult to predict (it is very different from the pricing of the Surface Book 3).

Microsoft Surface Pro 8
Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Let’s start by checking Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro 6. Last year, the Core i3 model started at US$749, while the 2018 Surface Pro’s Core i5 CPU started at US$799. Of course, these will be the 10th generation Intel CPU.

Therefore, suppose the starting price of Surface Pro 8 is about $800. But we are more likely to recommend devices with Core i5, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD models, which usually jumps the price to $1,199.

Except we hope that Apple’s pressure can change this. The entry-level MacBook Air 2020 offers a 256GB SSD for US$999 by default, so maybe the Core i5 model we mentioned above can be reduced to US$1,099 or even US$999?

Of course, the price of Surface Pro 8 doesn’t stop there, because most people will customize a tablet as a laptop. The fee is at least US$129 (basic type cover) and the price is at least US$159 (signature type cover). Digital artists may pay an additional $99 for the Surface Pen.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 design and features

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 design
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 design

We hope that Microsoft can see how the entire industry is moving towards thinner bezels and can find a way to make our screen larger than the 12.3-inch display of the current Surface Pro without changing the chassis or making it larger. This is not the case, because eBay leaks indicate that it is still the same 12.3-inch display in the same chassis as before.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 design

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 changes should be

  • Hours of additional battery life
  • More stability
  • Shrunken bezels

Stronger sound

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