Reasons for Blackouts in different Countries

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Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation functioned to erase widespread power Outage in Smyrna.

The town of Smyrna went through a widespread power Outage throughout the town while Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation worked to solve the issue. Almost the whole town was suffering from the tremendous electric failure on Thursday, January 21. ( Source )

power Outage in Smyrna
power Outage in Smyrna

The grabbed information is confirmed by the Smyrna Police Department about the no power supply to the town of Smyrna. But there is no description or record about the reason this widespread blackout occurred.

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation claimed that they are working speedily to resolve the matter. As threatened by the officials of the town, it was said that the power should be restored within an hour to Smyrna.

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A spokeswoman for the town of Smyrna, Kathy Ferrell stated, “Power is in the process of being restored. Everyone impacted should have power in the next 30 to 40 minutes.”

Power has been restored to Smyrna after the outage to Middle Tennessee Electric Customers today.

As confirmed by the officials, power has been restored to 11,500 Middle Tennessee Electric Customers in Smyrna. Amy Byers, a Middle Tennessee Electric spokeswoman confirmed the power restoration in Smyrna. She said, “We had around 11,500 members out due to equipment failure in the Smyrna Primary Substation, which serves much of Smyrna.” ( source )

The blackout in Smyrna lasted for about 51 minutes, it was also declared by Amy Byers. Due to this outage, eight Rutherford Country Schools were affected, as stated by the district spokesman James Evans.

The schools impacted included Rocky Fork Elementary, Rocky Fork Middle, Stewartsboro Elementary, Smyrna West Alternative, Smyrna Middle, Smyrna Primary, David Youree, and Thurman Francis Arts Academy.

The cause of the Outrage is still under investigation, still not found but the crews doubt that it might be equipment failure. Amy Byers assured that every area is restored with power and non is left suffering. She claimed, “If anyone is still without power, they need to call 877-777-9020 or use my MTEMC mobile app.”

What is the actual reason for countrywide blackouts in Pakistan?

About 1.5 weeks ago, Pakistan suffered from a countrywide outage too, which took hours to return everywhere. As stated by Pakistan’s Energy Minister named Omar Ayub on Sunday, “The system is stable now and electricity supply has been restored in major cities of the country.”

Massive power outage in Pakistan following national grid breakdown | South Asia | World News

The blackout was reported in all major urban centers in the country including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Multan.

It was said in a press the next day by Ayub that the blackout started from 11:41 PM on Saturday. But the reason declared was a technical fault at the Guddu power plant. It was due to an immediate drop in the frequency of the transmission power system. The range of drop was from 50 to 0 in less than a second.

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As explained by Ayub, “It had what we call a ‘cascading effect’ and shut down the power system, choking about 10,320 megawatts of electricity.” Besides, he added that a team is working to restart the Tarbela power station. This start of the power station would conduct a sequential refurbishment of power in the rest of the country.

Although the exact cause of the outage is still under investigation, and energy ministry spoke on the matter too. He said, “Our teams are still working in the Guddu area to investigate the reasons that caused the fault, but heavy fog is making their job difficult.”

What is the cause of blackout in Iran too?

Cities across Iran too suffered from massive blackout under economic pressure and going through the region’s worst coronavirus outbreak. The major reason suspected by the Iranian police was illegal Bitcoin mining.

Massive Blackout in Iran: Dozens of large cities across the country are reporting such blackouts/ Globel News

Reported by the Iranian police the power-heavy cryptocurrency mining and lack of natural gas was the reason suspected. Declared by the official, Press TV reported, “The total reduced consumption corresponds to the (electricity) use for a city with a population of over half a million.”

Ziya Sadr denied the point and said, “The miners have nothing to do with the blackouts. Mining is a very small percentage of the overall electricity capacity in Iran.” Besides, he added, “it is a known fact that the mismanagement and the very terrible situation of the electricity grid in Iran and the outdated equipment of power plants in Iran can’t support the grid.”

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