Mike Golic say goodbye to the radio

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Mike Golic
Mike Golic

After working on ESPN radio for more than two decades, Mike Golic said goodbye to the radio waves on Friday.

who is Michael Louis Golic?

Michael Louis Golic is a former co-host of Mike & Mike and Golic and Wingo on ESPN Radio and a former National Football League defense Players. He is a former analyst for ESPN and ESPN2’s NFL studio programming and the network’s college football live coverage.

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Golic’s brother Bob Golic also performed at the University f, Notre Dame. He has won multiple NFL All-Pro nose slide honors. He is currently the talk show host for WNIR-FM in Akron, Ohio from Monday to Saturday, and he hosts Cleveland Brown TV on Sunday at CBS affiliate WOIO.

First broadcast

On May 28, 2009, Mike and Mike were broadcast on Progressive Field in Cleveland. Mike and Bob appeared with their father and brother Greg. When the show was broadcast from Progressive Field, the three Golic brothers reappeared on Mike and Mike on May 7, 2010, May 9, 2012, and May 31, 2017. Golic has told Mike many times that Mike is a fan of the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Mike Golic and his wife Christine live in Avon, Connecticut. All three of Golic’s children attended Notre Dame Cathedral. His son Mike Jr. played football with Jake, and his daughter Sydney was Irish Swimmer. Mike Jr. signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers after the 2013 NFL Draft and became an undrafted free agent.

Mike Golic say goodbye to the radio
Mike Golic say goodbye to the radio

Earlier this month, ESPN Radio announced that it would cancel “Golic and Wingo” after three seasons. Trey Wingo replaced Mike Greenberg, who ended his role as “Mike and Mike” in 2017 and moved back to the TV studio. But six hours ago, Golic will continue to serve as a global leader as the college football analyst for the network.

Wingo and Golic

That was also the last Wingo and Golic. The legendary host was surrounded by his wife and children, wearing T-shirts with the words “Real Professional Players” printed on them, including Mike Golic, he appeared on TV shows with him. This is the incredible last few minutes.

Little Golic Jr. Burst into tears when he told Golic. He said, “For us, it’s a little bit different and happier because even after turning off the microphone, you can still be our Father. I think it’s part of the whole process. When we grow up, it’s a big thing. Mike and Mike have become this big phenomenon and with it too many Things. You always make sure this is about us.”

These are the last words of Golic Sr. in the show:

“All the guests and everyone we mentioned, everyone is important. But no one is more important than the person sitting here with me now. Thank you.”

The co-host of Mike Golic and Wingo and the former co-host of Mike & Mike discovered earlier this month that his performance is coming to an end. Unfortunately, no one at ESPN has usually heard of this through the media.

In any case, this marks the end of Golic’s time on ESPN radio, and he has been striding forward. Golic’s family, like many fans and supporters, has used social media to express their pride.

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“When Mike quit ESPN broadcasting for the last time, our family wanted to thank all the loyal listeners who joined every morning for the past 22 years,” Golic’s wife Christine wrote on Twitter. “We are proud of Mike being a man, father, and professional. We love you, Mike.”

Mike Golic played football and wrestled at Notre Dame to become the captain of the football team. In 1985, he was selected by the Houston Oilers and played for Houston, Philadelphia, and Miami during a nine-year career.

It was during his time in Philadelphia that Golic began to experiment with broadcasting. His work on the Randall Cunningham Show won an Emmy Award.

When his football career ended, Golic returned to the broadcast. In 1998, he joined ESPN as the co-host of the Bruno-Golic Morning Show.

Then in 2000, he teamed up with Mike Greenberg to start the 18-year journey of the acclaimed Mike & Mike morning show. Golic’s weird antics on and off the court make him one of the interesting characters on the ESPN lineup.

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