Mike Pence coronavirus: Pence and his wife test negative

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Mike Pence Coronavirus: Vice President Mike Pence tested negative for the coronavirus he underwent this Saturday after being exposed to the disease through a member of his personal team who tested positive.

Mike Pence coronavirus
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Katie Miller tweeted

Spokeswoman Katie Miller tweeted that she was pleased to report that the COVID-19 test results had been negative for both Vice President and Second Lady.

Earlier, during the daily press conference at the White House led by President Donald Trump, Pence said that a member of his staff had tested positive for the coronavirus. Pence had found out the previous day afternoon. He was pleased to inform them that he was well; he had symptoms like a cold for a day and a half.

Pence indicated that the official had not attended the White House since Monday. He also clarified that neither he nor the president had had direct contact with that person.

Mike Pence Coronavirus: Vice President insisted that the doctor at the White House assured him that there was no need to test him. But he said that he and his wife both would check.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), US coronavirus cases are around 15,219 (between confirmed and suspected) and 201 deaths. Among the States with the most victims are Washington (83), New York (43), California (24), Louisiana (14), New Jersey (11), Georgia (14), Florida (12), Illinois and Texas (5), Colorado (4), Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon and Wisconsin (3), and Connecticut, Kentucky, Vermont and Virginia (2).

Meanwhile, Washington DC, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, and South Dakota report only one death, each.

The state of New York decreed yesterday that all non-essential service employees must stop going to their jobs. And working from their homes to reduce the rate of coronavirus infections. While in California, a quarantine of which only necessary services are delivered.

Mike Pence coronavirus
Credit: mikepence

How old is the vice president Mike Pence?

Date of Birth: June 7, 1959 (age 60 years), 

Birth Place: Columbus, Indiana, United States

Full name: Michael Richard Pence

Party: Republican Party

What number vice president is Pence?

Richard Pence is an American lawyer and politician. 

Mike Pence: 48th vice president of the US. 

And he was the 50th governor of Indiana from 2013 to 2017.

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