Mike Schultz shares shocking photo of weight loss due to virus

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Last week, Mike Schultz, a California nurse, shared his photo on social media. Due to the attack of the current virus, he has to spend two months in the hospital, and the virus has badly affected his body. In his Instagram pics, his weight decreases by 50 pounds. 

mike schultz nurse
Credit: Courtesy of Mike Schultz

Mike Schultz Statement

Mike Schultz told BuzzFeed after posting his video that he had wanted to show it could happen to anyone. It did not matter if they were young or old, had preexisting conditions or not. It could affect them.

Mike Schultz is a nurse who admitted to Boston Hospital and had to stay in the hospital for six weeks due to affect by the virus. His weight decreased to 140 pounds from 190 pounds. 

He said the virus had weakened him so much that it was hard to stand for taking pics, and lung capacity were also hampered. 

He said that he had been then weak. That had been one of the most frustrating parts. He could not hold his cellphone; it had been then heavy. He could not type, because his hands shook then much.

During week six in the hospital, he had thought only a week had gone by.

In mid-March, he traveled to Boston to meet his boyfriend. A week earlier, he had gone to Miami beach were due to the current virus; three men died of, and 38 tested positive. 

mike schultz nurse
Mike Schultz (right) with his boyfriend, Josh Hebblethwaite (left).
Credit: Courtesy of Mike Schultz

He said that he had known it had been out there. There had been no real restrictions in place, though. He had just thought, Well, he had got wash his hands more and be wary of touching his face. After some days, he had a fever of 103-degree, and his lungs had been filled with liquid. 

He told BuzzFeed that he had known people’s thoughts, and he had not thought it had been as serious as it had been until after things had started happening. Mike had thought he had been young enough for it not to affect him, and he knew a lot of people believe that.

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