Mike Tyson ‘knocks out’ Eminem in his new music video ‘Godzilla’

The famous rapper Eminem introduced to the public with a brand new music video, titled ‘Godzilla‘. Which is directed by Cole Bennett.

In the video, recorded in the style of Slim Shady, the interpreter walks through a supermarket in the company of two Godzillas, vomits Lego pieces, shoots a missile launcher, and is even knocked out by Mike Tyson himself … Although you have to see it for yourself.

In the video – which refers to some of Eminem’s most famous works, such as 8 Mile or The Real Slim Shady – the rapper’s old friend and collaborator, Dr.Dre, also appears.

Mike Tyson ‘knocks out’ Eminem ‘Godzilla’

The artist dedicated his most recent work to rapper Juice WRLD, who died of a drug overdose in December 2019 at just 21 years old. At the end of the video, a fragment of the young interpreter’s voice can be heard.

Juice WRLD said in the video that he hoped everyone had a good day. He hoped everyone achieves something meaningful, and even if they had not accomplished anything significant, did not be discouraged.
Godzilla is part of Eminem’s eleventh album, Music to be murdered by, released in late January.

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