Miley Cyrus new album, plastic hearts, on Amazon Music

Miley Cyrus new album, plastic hearts, on Amazon Music

Miley Cyrus new album "Plastic Hearts" on Amazon Music
Miley Cyrus new album “Plastic Hearts” on Amazon Music

Amazon Music raised the curtain on cherished holiday concerts featuring a performance from Miley Cyrus’ new album, tonight with their host LilNasX.

This was Miley’s another gone wild video with the appreciative holiday theme, dance, and costume.

It was meant to be an amazing and a very refreshing Christmas Entertainment, having Miley as an excellent guest star

Plastic hearts as “timeless classic”:

This new album of hers was supposed to be truly Miley’s best work to date as this queen of reinvention moves away from the folk sounds of younger Now and dives headfirst into 80s pop.   

That was a gift for those who are homebound music fans with an astounding host, Lil Nas along with a great video and sound quality.

Plastic hearts was another impressive rock album where every track is fantastic with superseding the pop-culture image pasted by media.

This wall striping performance of Miley Cyrus with a growling husky voice and a fiery warrior personality was appreciated by millions of her fans.

This American singer has received 16 nominations from 2006 to 2014.

These nominations make her the most nominated person in the history of the Teen Choice Awards.

Cyrus was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song and attained the MTV Movie Award.

This award was for Best Song From A Movie with her song “The Climb” back in 2009.

 Another way lifting achievement of hers was that she has got 2 Billboard Music Awards with 9 nominations.

Also, she was honored with the young artist award along with 4 nominations.

Sayings of Miley Cyrus include, “this Amazon Music special is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. In creating my set, I wanted to mimic a world that showcased specific reference points of my life.

We all have a history and I’ve had an incredibly unique life: I’ve been on magazines and posters since I was a kid.

And people have seen the tough, beautiful, hard, and glamorous points of it all. This is me, and this performance is about my evolution- embracing all versions of it”

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