Missing Indonesian submarine has 72 hours of Oxygen left, navy says.

A KRI Nanggala-402 submarine plays out an activity in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia in 2014. Indonesia’s naval force is working day and night to find the missing KRI Nanggala-402; it was built in 1978 by West Germany owned by Indonesian navy forces.

Indonesia has only 72 hours left to save 53 members of the crew from a missing naval force submarine before they run out of oxygen, the naval force said.

Missing Indonesian submarine
Missing Indonesian submarine

The KRI Nangala-402 vessel is thought to have vanished around 60 miles (100km) off the shore of Bali this Wednesday morning. The reason for the sinking of the submarine remains unknown. Six warships, a helicopter, and 400 individuals are associated with the hunt. Singapore and Malaysia have sent their ships for search, while the US, Australia, France, and Germany have offered help.

The Indonesian navy has started their hunt; they sent 24 ships, and a patrol plane to find the missing submarine while Australian warship and United States aircraft were to be sent for additional help. The submarine had been missing for 3 days, last it was reported that the submarine dive off to Bali. The submarine had been leading a drill however failed to respond back as the contact was lost, the naval force said. A few reports said contact was lost with the submarine after it dives into deep water.

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In the interim, an oil slick found close to where the submarine had sunk, pointing out the damage in the gas tank, or could likewise be a sign from the team, the naval force said. At the depth of 50 to 100 unidentified magnetism was also found which might be of the submarine.

The picture shows a guide of Indonesia and the area where the submarine disappeared.

The missing submarine was an old and one of five submarines owned by Indonesia. It was made in the 1970s but complete finishing it went through a two-year refit in South Korea. A naval force representative told the BBC that this was the first time that Indonesia has lost a submarine. but the incident is quite similar to the Argentina submarine which went missing with 44 crewmates. Its wreckage was found a year later and authorities said that the submarine had collapsed.

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