Mondaire Jones replaces Mita Lowey:

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Modaire Jones
Modaire Jones

Mondaire Jones has finally emerged from a crowded congressional primary in the New york city’s suburbs where insiders were afraid to make a prediction.

Mondaire who calls himself as a progressive double up his votes of any other candidates that were running in the democratic party primary to replace the Nita Lowey.

There are still many mail ballots that won’t be counted for a week, but Jones leads have given him breathing as he waits for the mail ballots to be opened.

He said:
“It was never about self-promotion.” Jones told a newspaper in a phone interview that “It is instead about an idea, an idea that government has never worked for everyone.”

Whatever the race of the result, the candidate has proved himself as he would be changing the dynamics of the voting history. Lowkey, the first woman to chair the Appropriations Committee, has been in the office for more than three decades combined, and he been an ally of Hillary and Bill Clinton and the house speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Her retirement announcement last year left a rare house seat without an incumbent, drawing consideration from over dozen potential candidates.

Jones is a 33-year-old former Westchester County law department employee. He will be the first openly black member of Congress if he wants to win the election. He had jumped in the race a year ago. He is ready primary lowkey from the left before she announced her retirement.

His statement:

During the campaign, while his opponents were sometimes sidetracked he had a consistent economic message, he says that he has shown the wealth disparity in the country. That, he said, connected with residents.
“They want to hear how they are going to put food on their table for their families or how they would pay their rent or mortgage,” he said.” and yes, they also want to be inspired.”

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