Naagin 6 episode airing today, August 28, 2022, contains a spoiler: Pratha brings Rishabh back.

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Hello, drama fans! With its high-tension drama and dramatic action, the much-anticipated and much-loved show Naagin 6 will finally make you feel elated on the 28th of August, 2022. 

Because Pratha will now meet Rishabh on the cliff where he came to question Mehak about the exact location of her daughter, as soon as she meets Rishabh, her happiness will suddenly crumble, and she will fall into tears.

In the meantime, she explains to Rishabh how Mehak initially injured her and then leaped off the cliff, as well as that she was the only one who knew anything about their daughter and her exact position. 

As he has lost all chance of recovering his daughter, he weeps ceaselessly and is now in a state of great surprise. Rishabh becomes distraught at seeing Pratha, and he tries to calm her so they may plan their next move.

Rishabh then assures Pratha that she has nothing to worry about because they will find their daughter together, and their union will undoubtedly prevail. Pratha responds that the globe is too large, so how can they simply find her? 

Spoilers : Naagin 6

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She explains that their partnership is sufficient to battle against any odds, and as they have protected the world from these terrorists, they will also find their daughter. Pratha demonstrates her confidence by stating that she will do her best to locate him and that they will bring her back as soon as possible.

After some time, Pratha brings her back to her home and informs her family of her condition; their delight is indescribable at learning of her situation. Therefore, they begin preparations for the party since Rishabh’s long-awaited return is a cause for tremendous joy, and they will undoubtedly host a celebration. 

Nearly everyone is grateful to Pratha for locating Rishabh, and she will soon find her daughter. Watch it on Colors at the appropriate time, and stay tuned for more information.

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