Naagin 6 Today’s Episode 6th August 2022 Pratah Performs Tandav For Rishabh.

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This is addressed to all entertainment lovers. How are you guys? We are back with some more shocking news that will not fail to make your insides squirm with excitement. Well, the extremely loved show, Naagin 6, is back to make you jump in your seats with excitement and entrance and entrap you with its glory. Yes, all entertainment fans, The show’s new episode, which will be released on the 6th of August, is coming back with a lot of plot twists, more sub-stories, and a lot more bangers. You are in for a roller coaster ride, as this episode will twist the whole previous story of the famous show. Mehak and Urvashi need to look out for themselves, as their lives are at risk because Pratha plans to tear them down.

And what’s more, the secret of Jwaala Mashi has been revealed to her. Hence her enemy’s numerics intensify as time passes. And because of this, her time and her journey are about to become more demanding than she expected.


As this is all happening, we may add that Mehak loses the abilities that made her “Shesh Naagin,” and she goes to tell Urvashi about this unfortunate news. She also asks Urvashi to look for a way she(Mehak) can retrieve her powers and continue to obtain her vengeance from Pratha, who she says is back to destroy them. Because of this, Urvashi decides to contact *Yati,” who can control Naagin, and she sends him after Pratha to kill her. Urvashi has decided to keep Mehak safe and send Yati to kill her(Pratha). 

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But while Pratha has sent Yati to kill Pratha, who is planning to destroy them, Pratha is busy doing something else. She is performing the “Tandav” in front of her lord shiva; she is doing this because she realized that her lover “Rishabh” was innocent and wanted him back. She was convinced otherwise as Mehak and Urvashi had represented Rishabh as the wrong person in front of her as they didn’t want to see her with him in peace. This also happens to be the rationale behind Urvashi and Mehak’s capture of Rashibh, as they know he is the only person who can demolish Pratha without sweat and is also a convenient target. Urvashi and Mehak are also accused of murdering Rishabh, Pratha accuses them of this because they were inflicting suffering upon him that was hollowing him from the inside, slowly eating him. 


But her plan could not be successful as Yati, the person Mehak told to kill Pratha, enters the location where Pratha is present with other Naagins, where they are to perform Tandav. Still, Yati launches assaults on them, attacks that were impossible to survive for a Naagin. Pratha doesn’t let this death and destruction take place as she courageously steps in, declaring that if Yati wanted to slaughter them (the rest of the Naagins), he’d have to go through her first. She also orders the other Naagins present to evacuate the scene before time runs out. The best story will unfold when you watch the episode because this is all we have derived, but if we know, we will surely get to you, so stay tuned for more.

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