NBA Season Suspended: Due to Coronavirus Attack

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NBA season suspended because of the assault of Coronavirus on a player. NBA(National Basketball Association) stated that the test outcome came not long before the tip-off of Wednesday’s down between the “Jazz” and the “Oklahoma City Thunder.”. The team members say the player was not present in the field, and then the game canceled. 

NBA Season Suspended
NBA Season Suspended due to Coronavirus

The owner of Utah Jazz told that Rudy Gobert is the player, who is infected with the Coronavirus. According to the various media outlets. Doctors tested him for the many diseases such as strep throat, flu, and also for upper respiratory infections. But all the tests showed negative results. The person’s side effects lessened through the span of today. In any case, in a careful step, and collaboration with Oklahoma wellbeing authorities and NBA clinical staff, the choice was made to test for COVID-19. And the results came positive. 

Jason Kilgore, a fan of Mavericks, said that I believe it’s a dismal, pitiful day in the NBA. You know, we’ve been here throughout the previous five hours – I hadn’t seen anyone infected with the Coronavirus.

Another fan of Mavericks named ” Vincent Domenech.” said that Increase your life skills because you have to prepare for everything. Basketball honestly, not even in the picture. Which is to say: Let’s be genuine.

Now when will games resume?

It is not possible to talk about the exact time and date of the games. Still, the NBA is not sure accurately about the other players, who remained in contact with “Rudy Gobert”. Are they safe and sound? Or they are also infected with Coronavirus. According to the league experts, it will remain shut down for about two weeks. But it is the minimum time duration. It can be increased, depends on future reports. The owner of “Dallas Mavericks,” Mark Cuban said that he had released permission for his team to do the practice. But the guests are not allowed to come there and watch the practice matches.

Reasons for suspending the season:

The goal of interrupting the season is to control the Coronavirus and protect the other players from being infected. Already, social gathering is almost banned in all the cities of America. Because there are many positive cases of Coronavirus, found there. 

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