NBA Star Karl Towns said, his mother is in Coma and Facing Coronavirus

Helen Dunmore Mar 25, 2020 3

The complete name of Karl Towns is “Karl-Anthony Towns.”. Karl Anthony Towns is a professional basketball player for the “Minnesota Timberwolves” of NBA (National Basketball Player). Karl Towns played college basketball for “Kentucky Wildcats.“.

Karl Towns
NBA player Karl Towns in stadium

Born: November 15, 1995  Education: University of Kentucky, Saint Joseph High School  

Height: 2.13 m    Salary: 5.704 million USD (2016)

NBA draft: 2015 (Pick: 1 / Round: 1)

Current team: Minnesota Timberwolves 

 As a 16-year-old teenager, Karl Towns was named to the Dominican Republic’s national group.

NBA Player, Karl-Anthony revealed that his mother is fighting with COVID-19:

CNN confirms that a player of team “Minnesota Timberwolves” just uploaded a picture of her mother on his official Instagram profile. In this picture’s caption, he confirmed that her mother is in a coma, and some symptoms of Coronavirus are showed in her body.

Furthermore, he said that the reason for uploading this picture on Instagram is huge. I just want to tell you to follow all the precautionary measures said by the government and doctors.

Do not take this disease lightly. It’s not a joke. We cannot beat this infectious disease. But kindly, protect yourself, your loved ones, and friends by following precautions.

How Karl Town learned about his mother’s disease:

A week ago, Karl Towns learned that both of his parents weren’t feeling healthy, and he asked them to look for clinical consideration quickly. Following quite a while of no improvement, they went to a medical clinic.

The father of Towns went for quarantine at his dwelling. But her mother’s condition was not well. 

In fact, my sister disclosed to me that she needs to get checked for COVID-19. I don’t think anybody truly comprehended what it was, with falling apart condition, Towns said.

Moreover, he said that the doctors gave her many medicines, following the symptoms of her disease. And each time they thought this medicine would work.

Karl Towns
Karl Towns’ mother in hospital

One day, doctors said that now, she is all right. And Karl-Anthony felt blessing. But on that day her health gone a lot worse. 

When doctors checked her up properly, they said that they need to put her into a ventilator. And on that day, she induced into a coma.

In the United States, there are almost 5,000 cases of Coronavirus. And 704 deaths happened there.

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