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Does the Netflix home screen now have a “shuffle” button?

Netflix confirmed that it is screening a shuffle button, which will allow viewers to choose the service of the movie or TV show at will.

The button is displayed under the user’s profile and listed on the house screen. And will select a selection based on viewing history, selection, and playlist. The company began to check features in July. Tech Crunch was the first company to report a new button.

How shuffle button useful?

The shuffle function may be particularly useful for overwhelmed or tired audiences. It can also help Netflix differentiate its services from more and more competitors. Other services have actually tried to figure out how to make their deep streaming library more available to customers.

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It is just for series of tests:

The new “shuffle” button is the latest feature in a series of tests that Netflix has tried to make the shuffle concept work.

For example, last year, Netflix tried a random play mode that allows you to click on popular shows to start playing random episodes. This may work well when users want to shuffle the default episodes.

Netflix confirmed that these are variants of the general “shuffle mode” concept, and it has tried it on various surfaces, including the so-called “contour door”, side menu and home screen.

It is just for some TV devices:

The company said it started rolling out this new test to members worldwide last month and it will only be conducted on TV devices. Netflix has not yet decided whether or when it will release the shuffle function publicly, because it needs to collect feedback from each of the different tests and compare the results.

The company is already testing the appearance of the feature, including the “Play Something” variant of the following taken by my colleague Julia Alexander. But this sounds more than an experiment: “A spokesperson wants to produce absolute products,” a spokesperson told Variety Show. The company told us that it is currently only available on “TV equipment.” I did not see it on Roku.

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