New chapter started: An alleged purposal couple is now got married

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As you know the hottest topic of the last week that has left the web debating is a viral video of a Pakistani girl student proposing to the boy inside the university premises is turned to new chapter. After the purposal video now it is said to be viral that the couple is now married. And the internet has a lot to say. Mix reactions are been noticed from the viewers.

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In that old scene, a viral video of a girl proposing to man she adores going down on her knee which creates storm in the internet.

The Internet is split over two opinions of the general public show of fondness. A bunch of keyboard warriors believe that such proposals don’t seem to be acceptable inside Pakistan and have deemed the proposal disgraceful.

After getting proposal video viral they both got them expelled however they’re reportedly lifelong partners currently. A simple act of affection landed this couple from University Of Lahore in hot waters when their proposal video goes worldwide. Whereas this gesture, in itself, command nothing however sentiments, feeling and affection, the web had conflicting reactions and in no time, comments from all around were gushing in relating to that fascinating video.

Forceful steps were taken against the young couple and that they were barred from getting into their university. The video of the couple didn’t sit well with the UOL administration, apparently, and therefore the young couple was expelled from UOL and their entrance to the field, prohibited.

Not satiated with simply associate degree expulsion, the UOL admin went ahead and issued a brand new set of rules for the students to follow and to avoid any such expressions of affection within the future.

There was such lot negativity against the innocent couple that the guy was even forced to issue an announcement to the general public that individuals shouldn’t criticize the woman and hold solely him accountable.

Well recently, news of the couple’s wedding began to surface on the web News stony-broke that the couple had apparently gotten hitched yesterday. The young couple have additionally more established the rumors and it sounds like they may have hinted at the news being true.

With the news of the couple creating their relationship acceptable for the unpleasant public of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, individuals are currently asking the university to require them back Now with the couple being married, individuals on the web are hard that the expulsion be annulled and therefore the students are taken into the university for the completion of their education.

While it looks like all is well for the awaam currently, there exists a priority relating to the priorities of our authorities and other people of this society favor to originate nothing however backlash towards such harmless sentiments of affection whereas keeping a blind eye to problems that truly got to be worked upon.

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