New coronavirus variant found in West Pakistan

The health ministry aforesaid the new variant had been found in a very cluster of cases in every hospital, many of that had not been detected by PCR tests. A new coronavirus variant has been found within the region, aforesaid the health ministry in a very statement late on Thursday, adding that initial analysis didn’t show this new variant to be additional serious or transmissible than others. The health ministry conjointly aforesaid the new variant had been found in a very cluster of cases in a very hospital.

Again the pandemic threatens West Pakistan with the third layer, the government has so far received COVID-19 immune vaccine from China. It is not procured still one thing from the open market and is presently awaiting further vaccines from the COVAX Facility, but no bilateral agreement has been created with India throughout this regard.

Recently, Indian media reports remarked that West Pakistan is receiving vaccines directly from India whereas some senior officers here had jointly mentioned this. However, once the matter was preoccupied with the ministry throughout the weekly media speech, the interpreter created a transparent statement that there was no bilateral agreement with India.

“Regarding the procedural of Covid-19 immune vaccine, West Pakistan has not entered into any bilateral agreement for vaccine from India. GAVI, the international alliance, has offered provision of doses to several countries, in conjunction with land, beneath its COVAX Facility,” he declared.

The procedural and reserve mechanism of the vaccine doses are undertaken by GAVI and not the recipient countries. The interpreter aforesaid he didn’t have the precise details of the doses of the vaccine that were returning in and it had been higher for the Ministry of National Health Services, laws and Coordination to permit the figures.

Meanwhile, West Pakistan while not mentioning India says it’s currently ready to convene a SAARC summit in Islamabad, hoping that the artificial hurdles created to its manner by a member state which are removed and conjointly the tactic are allowed to maneuver forward.

 “Pakistan can stay dedicated to the propositions and charter of SAARC. we’ll continue in operation with the member states to make convergences and take forward the SAARC methodology for strengthening regional cooperation to realize prosperity among the region”, The interpreter stated.

The interpreter was hesitant to reply to queries regarding Pakistan’s acquisition of helicopters from Turkey, that’s blocked by the USA. When asked why the U.S turned a blind eye once it came to India’s armed force, the interpreter responded: “Regarding India’s acquisition of arms, we’ve repeatedly aforesaid that they continues to amass military capabilities and arms on such aspect and its real security demand, that’s adversely touching strategic stability, peace and security among the region.”

About State of Afghanistan, the interpreter mentioned West Pakistan welcome the U.S efforts to re-energize the human process and expedite the final word political settlement. Additional details regarding the projected meeting on State of Afghanistan beneath the international organization are shared once the official invite is received.

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