New Court Filing Claims: A witness claims Steven Avery’s nephew and unknown man involved in Teresa Halbach’s murder.

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A newspaper conveyance driver says he saw Bobby Dassey and an unidentified  not so young man “dubiously pushing” a Toyota RAV-4 days after Teresa Halbach’s goes missing as indicated by the court recording  Driver Saw Steven Avery’s Nephew Move Teresa Halbach’s Car into Salvage Yard, New Court Filing Claims The lawyers for Steven Avery whose murder preliminary was presented in the 2015 Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer accept another observer’s declaration interfaces Avery’s nephew, Bobby Dassey, to the case. Avery and his other nephew, Brendan Dassey, are presently carrying out life punishments in prison as they were to being seen as blameworthy of killing Teresa Halbach in October 2005.

New Court Filing Claims: A witness claims Steven Avery's nephew and unknown man involved in Teresa Halbach's murder.
New Court Filing Claims: A witness claims Steven Avery’s nephew and unknown man involved in Teresa Halbach’s murder. image from

Both keep saying that they are honest and are not involved. In another court movement  this Monday acquired by PEOPLE,  Kathleen Zellner and Steven Richards guarantee that a paper conveyance driver named Thomas Sowinski saw Bobby and an unidentified man “dubiously pushing” a blue Toyota RAV-4 toward the family’s rescue yard in the early morning of 5 Nov, 2005 days after the Halbach’s  missing.

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After Mr. Sowinski drove by Bobby and the other individual and handed the papers to the Avery letterbox, he then turns back, look around and then move towards the exit and leave,” the document peruses. “At the point when he arrived at the RAV-4, Bobby endeavored to step in front of the vehicle to block him from leaving the property.” Sowinski says in a marked statement usually called an affidavit connected to the movement he said he was afraid for his life and safety” so he decided to hide   into a shallow trench and to look for bobby move from there .He further said that Bobby Dassey had seen the driver and he looked at him without hesitating coldly, the driver was very scared and he knew that he was in trouble to see the driver there.

 The driver realized that Bobby Dassey and the other individual were accomplishing something dreadful,” Sowinski said in the record. After investigators discovered the RAV-4 around the same time and distinguished it as Halbach’s vehicle, Sowinski “understood the meaning of what he noticed and promptly reached the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Office” to report what he saw, as indicated by the documenting.

Sowinski said in his affirmation that the official advised him, “We definitely realize who did it,” and authorities never reached him about the case after he left his name and telephone number with investigators.

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