1 in 3 Die: New Deadly Coronavirus ‘NeoCov’ Found. Know all about it

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NeoCov Coronavirus
NeoCov Coronavirus

Wuhan scientists have identified a new type of coronavirus dubbed NeoCov in South Africa that has a high fatality and transmission rate.

This was reported by Russian news agency Sputnik. However, according to the report, the NeoCov virus is not new. It was discovered in outbreaks in the Middle Eastern countries in 2012 and 2015 and is similar to the Sarscov 2.

NeoCov is associated with the MERS-CoV virus, the pathogen that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome. In an unpaired study published as a preprint, the scientists have found that Neocov can infect humans. It needs only one mutation to be able to infect the US.

NeoCov was previously found in bad populations and was known to infect only animals. Researchers from Wuhan University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics have found that it can threaten humans with a single mutation.

It is considered high risk because the nuclear binds to the ace two receptors differently than the coronavirus pathogen. There are fears that if it were to mutate and infect humans, then no antibodies we have developed against the Sarschoff two strains would work against it.

Sputnik reports that, according to Chinese researchers, NeoCov carries the potential combination of Mer’s, high mortality rate, one in every three infected persons dies, and the current star score of two coronaviruses high transmission rate.

However, at the moment, this is not a new coronavirus that can actually spread among humans, but its threat to do so needs to be carefully examined.

What is NeoCov?


Even as the world continues to grapple with SARS Cov 2 and its variant, scientists in Wuhan, the place where the virus is known to have originated from, have been warning about the new strain of coronavirus that could be even deadlier than covid 19.

Dubbed as Neocov, the strain is related to the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS coronavirus. Combined with the high mortality rate of MERS coronavirus, Neocov is being feared to cause fatalities among one in three patients.

So the question is what is NeoCov?

In a new research paper that is yet to be published, Chinese researchers have warned of new Covet, a new kind of coronavirus from South Africa which has a high death and transmission rate. It is associated with the MERS coronavirus, a similar type of virus like SARS CoV Two, and was first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

According to the research, NeoCov carried a high mortality rate of MERS coronavirus 1 in 3 deaths with the high transmission rate of SARS COV 2, making it a potentially deadly outbreak.

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In a word, the world health organizations (WHO) belong to the large family of coronavirus that can cause a multitude of diseases, including common cold and SARS. The new research was carried out by scientists at Muham University and the Scientist Academy of Science, which emerged along with the MERS Cov and founded Bags in South Africa.

Now you are thinking that is it a new variant or not?

So the answer is no.

New COVID is not a new variant of COVID. It is a strain or another type of coronavirus that was first reported in 2012 and then again during the 2015 outbreak of MERS CoV.

Unlike Delta or Omicron, Neocov is not a variant of SARS COV Two, the virus that causes COVID-19 symptoms among affected humans.

It is another type of Nobel Coronavirus. So far, this virus has only been found to infect Bags. However, the study, published on the Biorx website and quoted by Russian newspapers Sputnik, States that there is a possibility of Neocov and its close relation with Covid infected humans.

In fact, it is just one mutation away from being able to penetrate the human immune system.

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