New Halloween is coming, the voyage of the Little Mermaid billboard, are coming in Hollywood

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this is the healing time for Halloween

Nothing can stop us now, I will tell you how, this is the healing time for Halloween! Today is the official launch day of the Walt Disney World Halloween food.

 Although there have been many treats in the Magic Kingdom as early as the magic kingdom.

But today is here, we are ready to try all the new autumn products! Oh, of course, I have to go to other parts of the park. let’s start!

We thought we could start with nutritious things, such as apples. This one looks perfect, we think it must be the one for us, right? This is a candied apple that can be bought at Trolley Car Cafe. cute? For the lack of flavor in this dessert, it is far from making up for it in appearance.

We also found this funny Tyre Jack “O” Peruviana in the coffee shop, which was a repeat customer during Halloween last year.

Then saw them on PizzaRizzo later, and there was an interesting performance by Cast Members outside the restaurant.

We take a short break from snacks, and then shoot breaking news-the billboard on the side of the “Little Mermaid Journey” building has been removed.

Next, we dived into the Boxes of Bones chocolate puffs, and were impressed by its taste and all white chocolate bones! This is our second favorite dessert.

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Last but not least,

We tried PizzaRizzo’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Cannoli. Although we liked it very much, it certainly did not taste as we expected!  Once we run out of desserts, it’s time to check some ongoing projects.

The waiting time is reminiscent of a holiday weekend.

The Runaway Railway of Mikey & Minnie was still using the extended co-pilot area for approximately 90 minutes at noon.

Finally, we found this interesting new puzzle on the wanted poster, which contains “children”. This puzzle can be purchased at the Mickey Store in Hollywood and retails for $22.99.

We had a great day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and hope you can join us too. Have a good day!

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