New Reveal from Jeffree star cosmetics, next major Ice Cold collection

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Jeffree star’s next major collection Ice Cold

Jeffree Star Beautiful World is an American documentary web series created by YouTuber Shane Dawson. The series tells the life of Jeffree Star, the founder, and CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree highlighter palette is coming soon

If you think Jeffree Star Androgyny palette is the only Star palette worth looking forward to this year, please think again. A few days after revealing the long-awaited eyeshadow palette, we learned that the Jeffree Star highlighter palette is in use.

Fans of beauty influencers who can watch their daily highlights from outer space, know that makeup artists will not play when they shine. It can be said that the Jeffree Star highlighter palette will no longer be in this world.

Last Friday, Jeffree responded to a fan on Twitter.

The fan asked him to make a popular highlighter of travel-friendly size. He called it Skin Frost. Currently, single-use Skin Frost highlighter shades cost $29 each and are placed in a pot a little larger than a regular compact mirror. Understandably, the highlighter is not the most space-saving highlighter in the travel bag, especially when there are many shades to choose from.

But Star gave his fans the best response ever, teasing a huge new product, “Pro panel is coming soon…!!!”

Of course, fans immediately began to be surprised by the news. The tweet has received more than 2,000 likes.

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Some people even begin to imagine possible color combinations. A fan said in a tweet, “Icy cold, lavender snow and princess cut” how the perfect combination of skin tone. That’s if Star chooses to go that way with his palette.

Either way, Star already has 11 existing Skin Frosts in his cosmetics family, and Star has many colors to choose from. Maybe he will make an all-pink series, including Regina George with the theme of “Golden Mean Girl”. Who said that some new highlighter shadows will not be added to the mix? With all the recent beauty bombs, Star has landed on us recently, including the foundation and concealer we are waiting for, and we can expect any help from this beauty master. He has not revealed any further details of the launch, but we can already guess that they will put us all in a model paradise.

Jeffree Star Makeup brand history

Jeffree Star is a famous beauty influencer who worked hard to achieve this love and fame. He started with music and invests fully in his company. His previous life was a miserable stage that he left graciously to become a celebrity. He launched his makeup brand aka Jeffree star Cosmetics November 2014. its headquarter is in the United States but, this brand serving worldwide. He invests his life in his makeup line and, this becomes the worlds most transparent makeup collection. This company earned $100 million per year. Its products are cruelty-free and pure vegan products.

Its products are:

  • Lipsticks
  • setting powders
  • highlighters
  • lip products
  • jackets
  • mirrors
  • mini-box makeup
  • premium box makeup
  • deluxe box makeup
  • androgyny
  • magic star
  • velour liquid lipstick
  • thirsty palette
  • liquid frost
  • blood sugar

His makeup products are made with care and love. Get ready for the new surprise, aka pleasant surprise!

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