New Year, New Rihanna Album?

Do you also want to start your new year with the New Rihanna Album?

Rihanna Firstly posted on her Instagram account about her new year’s resolution.

She shared a fierce New Year’s pose, with a caption “New Year’s Resolution: apply the pressure”

Rihanna New Album, her New Year's resolution
Rihanna New Album, her New Year’s resolution

Her fans wasted no time to demand Rihanna’s New Album with the new year.

Later, Rihanna tweeted on her social media account the same pictures with the same caption mentioned.

It was seen that after 2016, none of her music albums was released so far, that was with Anti.

Her fans have been waiting for a new album of hers for the last four years, but Rihanna seemed to focus on something else.

She owns a beauty line, Fenty Beauty, which she had focused her time on for the last few years.

Rihanna’s fans pressurized her and criticized too for not releasing the album, which didn’t seem to amuse Rihanna.

Replied by her, she wrote, “this comment is so 2019, grow up,” later the superstar added, “2021 energy”

Wrote by one of her fans, “Resolution will be releasing the album”, seems like he is demanding R9 in the comments.

Another social media user, stylist Jahleel Weaver, wrote, “speaking of pressure, it’s the album for me.”

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When is Rihanna New Album is going to release?

Rihanna New Album: R9
Rihanna New Album: R9

R9, her new album, that she is been working on for the last year, and yet to receive a release date. 

According to research, the album is very well worth waiting for, with such a highly speculated upon the album, it’s hard to separate fans from fiction.

In an interview with Allure, Pharrell revealed that Rihanna is in a different place Right now.

It was heard Williams saying, “like wow, she’s from a different world.” In continuation, it was said,

“I’m willing to bet, because Venus is gaseous, that if they had a telescope that could zoom through all that shit, you’d see Rihanna laying there naked.”

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