New York City postpones the first day of school to September 21

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You need to understand the impact of Covid-19 in today’s market.

New York City has been postponed schools

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday. That the first day of school in New York City has been postponed from September 10 to September 21. That allow teachers more time to plan and ready.

The country’s largest New York city public school system has approximately 1.1 million students. And, it is the only large urban system that can restore face-to-face learning.

President Donald Trump is expected to leave Washington, D.C. on Tuesday morning, and head to Kenosha, Wisconsin:

Where he will visit the protests that protested the police shooting of the black man Jacob Black turned into violence. And led to riots and riots the damage caused.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Tuesday that assistance to state and local governments is the biggest obstacle to another round of corona virus assistance agreements. But negotiations are making “real progress.”

Meadows said in an interview:

“When we look at the number of things we really agree with and the amount of funds allocated to these areas. The biggest stumbling block that may remain is the amount of funds that will be used for state and local help.

 “Accepted CNBC interview. Meadows said that the Senate, controlled by the Republican Party, might make what he called a “targeted proposal” next week.

The Democrats have repeatedly rejected the Republicans’ attempts to promote the so-called “slimming bill.”

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Bloomberg reported that Sweden is considering new restrictions to curb the local Covid-19 infection group in order to fight the epidemic.

 The country is still committed to a strict lock-in strategy to reduce immunity to cattle. Which has become one of the countries with the highest infection and mortality rates in the world. While the proportion of Swedes with Covid-19 antibodies is still far below what is needed. The level is herd immunity.

The Trump administration’s payroll tax deferral plan began on Tuesday. But due to the challenges and costs of implementing the policy, many employers are unlikely to adopt this change.

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