News Reporter Halkett called Kayleigh McEnany a lying b***h

The press secretary of white house Kayleigh McEnany on Tuesday night took the high road when some users of social media claimed that they Al Jazeerah (news channel)reporter Kimberly Halkett called her lying b**h in a clip of her press briefing.

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An interview on Hannity  McEnany addressed that the Halkett comment after the reporter denied completely in public using the crude remark during a  tense exchange at the white house.

News Reporter Halkett called Kayleigh McEnany a lying b***h
News Reporter Halkett called Kayleigh McEnany a lying b***h

Halkett denied

The reporter denied and make crude remarking for McEnany at the briefing.

McEnany said that I polled my whole staff to identify the truth but my staff was 50/50. She also explained that her staff was split over completely whether Halkett was responsible for this cheap comment.

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But, what the media has done to me, does to this president, does to anyone? Which is not going to give the benefit of doubts but we can take it actively out of the context.

I’ve seen dishonest brokers in the media, I won’t do that to that reporter who does that to me, who show cruelty, who showed animosity and who wasn’t able to seek answers from American people.

Halkett called Kayleigh McEnany a lying bitchh
Halkett called Kayleigh McEnany a lying bitchh

Halkett was was in the midst of her question when the press secretary move on. She was wearing a cloth mask and uttered something then McEnany called on the next reporter.

The footage of this incident quickly went viral many people claimed that Halkett used vulgar words for Macnany.

Halkett address this issue on twitter

After that Halkett address this issue on social media to clarify her. He posted on twitter saying “there’s a lot of fakeness and misreporting spreading out there about that briefing.

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And the final answer for all of your questions that why I did that? Or anything else is I didn’t say anything like that, not use vulgar words for her. Instead of this, I said that “okay, you don’t want to engage.

And this is the truth. She completely denied that she used vulgar words for her.

Another reporter yelled at McEnany

 Many fired back at playboy magazine reporter Brian Karem when he yelled at her and said “Hey Kayleigh, wear a mask! when she left the podium. She also explained that the center of disease control showed the guidelines and stated mask is recommended but not required.

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