Nick Cannon Being Fired ByViacomCBS For “Disdainful Speech”

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Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

Who is Nick Cannon?

Nicholas Scott Cannon (conceived October 8, 1980) is an American on-screen character, comic, rapper and much more

Recent News of being Fired

During shooting, Cannon examined race and prejudice with previous Public Enemy part Richard “TeacherGriff” Griffin.

Referencing the thoughts of Nation of Islam

Referencing the thoughts of Nation of Islam pioneer Louis Farrakhan, Cannon said that individuals who have “the absence of shade” is”somewhat less” than the individuals who do have “an absence of empathy.

They’re carrying on of dread. They are carrying on of low-confidence. They’re carrying on of an insufficiency.


consequently, the main way they can act is insidious. They need to burglarize, take, assault, and [unintelligible] to endure.”

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Black individuals are the “genuine Hebrews.”

He said against Semitic paranoid notions about The Rothschilds and “the bloodlines that control everything, even outside of America.” He said that Black individuals are the “genuine Hebrews.”

Viacom’s statement

ViacomCBS censures bias of any sort and we completely reprove all types of hostile to Semitism. We have spoken with Nick Cannon about a scene of his digital broadcast ‘Gun’s Class’ on YouTube, which advanced derisive discourse and spread the enemy of Semitic paranoid fears.

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While we bolster progressing instruction and discourse in the battle against bias, wen is profoundly disturbed that Nick has neglected to recognize or apologize for propagating hostile to Semitism, and we are ending our relationship with him.

ViacomCBS will have further declarations

ViacomCBS will have further declarations on our endeavors to battle abhor of assorted types.   Recently, Cannon took to Facebook and attempted and clarify his words.

“I support progressively sound discourse and welcome any specialists,”

pastorate or spokespersons

Cannon looked after, “pastorate or spokespersons to any of my foundation to consider me responsible and right me in any explanation that I’ve made that has been anticipated as adverse.

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human-animal group

I consider me responsible for this second and assume full liability because My expectations are just to show that as a wonderful human-animal group we have much a greater several shared characteristics than contrasts.”

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