Nicola Lockhart and Samantha Lockhart are the sisters of Lewis Hamilton.

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Nicola Lockhart

Nicola Lockhart and Samantha Lockhart, Lewis’ older half-sisters, have been in the household since they were small and have always gotten along well. The majority of Lewis’ early years were spent with his sisters.

Lewis Hamilton’s beautiful sister, Nicola Lockhart, is a stunning beauty, Nicola Lockhart. Since Nicola frequently appears in public with Lewis and makes nice gestures, many people enjoy hearing about her. However, Nicola rarely shares personal information online.

Lewis has been racing for Mercedes in Formula One and has amassed numerous championships, including seven World Drivers’ Championship titles. Lewis holds the vast majority of victories, pole positions, and podium finishes.

Due to her kind deeds and remarks about her relationship with Lewis, Nicola gains more attention. People have also cherished their partnership recently. Typically, she congratulates her brother on his achievements.

Nicola Lockhart and Samantha Lockhart are the sisters of Lewis Hamilton.

Nicola Lockhart

Nicola Lockhart and Samantha Lockhart are the older half-sisters of Lewis Hamilton. Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier were Lewis’s biological parents, but they split when he was two years old.

After his parents divorced, he lived with his mother, sisters, and grandmother until the age of twelve. Nicholas Hamilton was born as a result of his father’s union with Linda. Nicolas, a British racing legend, competes in the British Touring Car Championship.

His father encouraged him to pursue racing early and raised him as a Catholic. His sisters, however, were remaining with their mother. To support his son’s racing career, his father worked many jobs. Additionally, his mother and sisters never left him alone throughout the years.

Age Gap Between Nicola Lockhart and Samantha Lockhart

Nicola Lockhart

The age difference between Samantha Lockhart and Nicola Lockhart remains a mystery as of the time of writing.

Specifically, the Internet lacks information regarding their specific date of birth. However, they are older than Lewis. It appears that his mother had Nicola and Samantha before marrying his father, Anthony Hamilton.

If Lewis was born in January 1985 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, he would be 37 years old at this time. His mother is White and British, while his father is Black and of Grenadian descent.

Lewis is of mixed race, but the majority of people consider him to be black. Following his parent’s divorce, he lived with his half-sisters for eleven years before moving in with his half-brother Nicolas and stepmother Linda at the age of twelve.

Nicola Lockhart’s Instagram Profile

Nicola Lockhart has not disclosed many personal details about her life, therefore her Instagram account continues to generate curiosity. Undoubtedly, she kept her Instagram identity hidden and out of the spotlight.

Lewis is active on Instagram, where he has 29.4 million followers and the handle @lewishamilton. Currently, he has uploaded 1,263 posts to his Instagram account. Additionally, he regularly uploads lovely family photographs.

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