Nicole Young divorcing after 24 years what’s the reason?

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The reason behind the divorce of Dr. Dre and Nicole Young:

After 24 years Nicole young and Dr. Dre are going to end their relationship. Nicole youngs, the original name is Andre young wants to end all of her connections with Dr. Dre who is the famous producer, rapper, and co-owner of Death Row Records. She decided to end her marriage after 24 years whats the reason behind it?. Nicole filed from Compton Bred icon in Los Angeles superior court on Monday, the times have confirmed that she really did it. She filed divorce and cites the reason as he is irreconcilable to live together and this thing split their relationship. She doesn’t want to continue this relationship.

They wed on:

This amazing couple weds in May 1996, they have two adults name Truly young, is 19 years old daughter, and Truice young is 23 years old boy. Nicole Young has four children from her previous relationship; her daughter Tayra, la Tanya Danielle, and her son marcel and Curtis. Her young son Andre died at the age of 20 in 2008. Nicole young was previously married to the NBA player. Her first husband name is Sedale Threatt.

Dr. Dre the billionaire rapper in the world:

Dr.Dre  co-founded the Andre young academy for arts and he also has many properties in Los Angeles. He is also the founder of beats electronics which is the best company of headphones and speakers. Dr. Dre sold that company to Apple. He also co-founded the USC Jimmy Iovine. he owns many properties in Los angles. According to Forbes Dr. Dre is the wealthiest hip hop artist in the world. Dr. Dre got the fame in 1980 from the streets of Campton. He declared himself the first billionaire hip hop rapper. According to TMZ, this couple did not have a prenuptial agreement and according to Forbes Dr. Dre is the wealthiest hip hop rapper in the rapper.  Forbes also reported that Dr. Dre worth 800 million dollars. They appeared in February at tom ford fashion show and after that this news shooks everybody.

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