Nik Wallenda crosses the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua

Nik Wallenda became the first person to cross on a rope “the mouth of hell”, 545 meters high, and on a lake of incandescent lava. The American acrobat Nik Wallenda made history on Wednesday (04.03.2020) by crossing the crater of the active Masaya volcano in Nicaragua in half an hour on a tightrope, at an altitude of 1,800 feet (545 meters) and challenging the impressive lava lake that bustles inside.

Nik Wallenda

“It was a very special night, and I was prepared, but the winds were unpredictable, “he said after overcoming the feat to the presenters of the Volcano Live program with Nik Wallenda, which broadcast the event in the chain with the state channel 6 of Nicaragua.
Wallenda told WFTS said that it was the highest walk he had ever attempted. It was also the longest walk he had ever tried. There was actually so much [carbon dioxide] that it absorbed the oxygen out of their lungs. Then there was that, there was the heat, and the fact that that volcano could erupt at any moment.

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The acrobat crossed the hole, known as “the mouth of hell,” in the middle of toxic gases that form a thick mist that reduces visibility, and the heat of the magma that boiled more than 100 meters deep from the Masaya crater, located 20 km from Managua.

Wallenda began his walk around 8:00 p.m. (2:00 GMT on Thursday) with a mask and an oxygen tank to protect himself from gases, while a team of experts monitored their journey on the rope minute by minute.

Nik Wallenda

The test was captured by 17 cameras and four drones, and transmitted minute by minute. Wallenda wore harness attached to a safety cable, as well as a microphone with which he communicated with his equipment.
The producers of the Volcano Live show with Nik Wallenda said it was the longest. And the most dangerous hike made by the famous acrobat; due to the distance traveled, the height, and the volcano emits gases of hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide.

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Wallenda decided to undertake this challenge on the Masaya volcano; because it is one of the few active volcanoes in the world with lava inside. In 2012 he crossed the Niagara Falls between the United States and Canada. And in 2014 he passed two skyscrapers in Chicago twice on a tight rope, one of them blindfolded.

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