Nina Tobal sexually assaulted and stranger ‘ejaculated on her trousers’

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Influencer Assaulted in Public

An influencer, Nina Tobal, was assaulted in broad daylight in Joinville, Brazil. The man, who claimed to be robbing her, physically assaulted her and ejaculated on her pants. The incident has left her shaken and feeling “the dirtiest” she had ever felt.

Nina Tobal
Nina Tobal

Incident Details

  • The incident occurred as she was crossing a busy street in Joinville, Brazil.
  • The man, who was not named, grabbed her arm and claimed it was a robbery.
  • He pushed her against a tree and sexually assaulted her.
  • He did not steal any of her possessions but “removed a little of her spirit.”


  • After the incident, Nina called 911 and was escorted to a women’s police station for questioning.
  • The Civil Police are currently seeking to apprehend the offender, but no suspect has been named at this time.
  • Nina shared her story with her 72,000 Instagram followers in order to warn other women that they are not safe in broad daylight, even on crowded streets.

Influencer’s Statement

  • Nina described how she felt “the dirtiest” she had ever felt after the incident.
  • She emphasized that the man did not steal anything material but took “a little of her will to live.”
  • She hopes her story will serve as a warning to other women to be aware of their surroundings and to stay safe.

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