Google Doodle celebrates: Nkosi Johnson

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Google Doodle celebrates and honours the life and legacy of the late Nkosi Johnson.

Nkosi fought for the equal rights of children who have AIDs and died in 2001. Today’s Doodle values his life and legacy.

Nkosi Johnson
Nkosi Johnson

Who was Nkosi Johnson?

Nkosi Johnson was born Xolani Nkosi in 1989 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He had HIV from birth and adopted by officer Gail Johnson. He adopted him from an AIDS care centre when his mother became helpless to care for him. 

Nonthlanthla Daphne Nkosi, his mother, also had HIV-positive and transferred the virus on to her child. 

He became famous for the first time in 1977 when a primary school denied to take him as a student because of his disease. This incident soon reached the highest political level.

His foster mother arranged workshops to educate people about AIDs, and her struggles reached the Parliament to pass a law. That ordered schools to allow children like Nkosi. The school later accepted the boy. When he started school, his own mother had died the year. 

He succeeded in his efforts. People and Gail established Nkosi’s Haven. This NGO provides shelter for the families affected by AIDs.

In July 2000. the boy addressed at 13th international Aids Conference where a large number of people heard him.

Nkosi Johnson
Who was Nkosi Johnson?

In his speech, he said that care for him and accept him. He was all human beings. He had hands and feet and could talk and walk.  In his speech, he said don’t be scared of him. 

In celebration of his struggles to raise awareness of the disease, the International Children’s Peace Prize formed in 2005.

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