Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to EMMANUELLE CHARPENTIER and JENNIFER DOUDNA

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Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to EMMANUELLE CHARPENTIER and JENNIFER DOUDNA for CRISPR gene editing

Stockholm: Two scientists won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing a genome editing method similar to “molecular scissors”, which offers the hope of one day curing genetic diseases and even cancer.

The chairman of the Nobel Committee on Chemistry, Claes Gustafsson, said:

“This genetic tool has tremendous power and it affects all of us.” “It not only revolutionized basic science, but also brought about Innovative crops have been created, and new medical methods will be pioneered.” It has raised serious ethical issues in the scientific community. In 2018, when Chinese scientist Dr. He Jiankui revealed that he had helped create the world’s first gene-edited baby in an attempt to develop resistance to future HIV infections, most people in the world learned more about CRISPR.

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An international team of experts published a report

In September, an international team of experts published a report stating that because science and technology are not enough to ensure safety.

It is too early to try to produce genetically modified babies, but they have charted a path for any country that wants to consider.

After the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the award in Stockholm on Wednesday, Charpentier, 51, told reporters after hearing a call from Berlin: “I am very excited.”

The Broad Institute of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been arguing over the patent issue of CRISPR technology for a long time.

This prestigious award comes with a gold medal and a bonus of 10 million Swedish kronor (over 1.1 million US dollars), which was bequeathed by the winner Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel more than a century ago.

The amount was recently increased to accommodate inflation.

On Monday, the Nobel Committee awarded Americans Harvey J Alter and Charles M Rice and British-born scientist Michael Horton for discovering the hepatitis C virus in the liver.

Tuesday’s physics prize winners were Roger Penrose of the United Kingdom, Reinhard Genzel of Germany, and Andrea Gates of the United States for their breakthroughs in understanding the mystery of cosmic black holes.

Other awards are for outstanding achievements in the fields of literature, peace, and economics.

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