North Korea abolishes it’s De Facto embassy with South.

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De Facto Embassy
Smokes can be seen after the explosion.

North Korea has followed through the threats of demolishing the de-facto Inter- Korean embassy, which is just north to the border as tensions rise between the two arch-rivals this week.

South Korean media just reported a massive explosion and smoke near the Kaesong industrial complex. It houses the inter Korean liaison office. After a few minutes when the blast was reported.

The Seoul’s unification ministry just confirmed the explosion in the building. The ministry handles the Inter Korean relations between the two countries.

The North Korea Media Agency confirms that the explosion wasn’t an accident, but it is being called a terrific explosion.

Although the explosion if a massive blow to Seoul. The explosion is said to be a significant blow to the diplomatic relations of the two countries. The office has been non-functional for many months.

Covid -19

The South Korean staff has left the building for a long time. The evacuation was made due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus across the country.

Over the years. The North Korean officials threatened to destroy the building what they call is a use-less building, and it’s been of no use for anyone.

The office was set up to spread peace and harmony among the two countries. But it failed to do so after the past two years.

The North Koreans are very angry at the South Koreans because according to their narratives South Koreans are doing nothing against the defectors and other activists who are spreading propaganda and leaflets across the boarders.

Pyongyang has dismissed claims about stopping the display and leaflets and other materials across the borders. North Korea has warned about the retaliation against such activities. According to Leif- Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul.

He added, “The Kim regime is also signaling the United States won’t have the luxury of keeping North Korea on the back-burner for the remainder of the year.”

North Korea has a history of escalating tensions to extract economic and other concession from the South.

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