North Korea: CBS News reporter revealed what happened when North Korea bombed its nuclear test site

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Pyongyang-North Korea says it is “on the brink of war” with the United States

In an interview with Ben Tracy of CBS News, a senior country official accused the Trump administration of wanting to “annihilate” his country and directly blamed the escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula. The United States and South Korea.

A US naval strike team, with the USS Carl Winson in the center, is heading towards the peninsula as the area conducts the expected sixth nuclear test for the isolated regime.

Satellite analysis shows that the Kim Jong Un regime is “ready” to conduct such a test underground, and there is a strong suspicion that they will do it at the same time as a major national holiday this weekend.

United States and North Korea

Against this background, North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Han Songyeol sat for 40 minutes of talks with Tracy in Pyongyang, but he said nothing. Han said that the situation between the United States and North Korea is the worst in history.

If angered, North Korea is ready and willing to fight. He said that North Korea’s nuclear program cannot be negotiated.

He said that President Trump’s decision to send a naval strike team to the region and the large-scale US-South Korea joint military exercises in the region are deliberate provocations.

Tracy tried to clarify Han’s speech; “So you said that if you think North Korea is about to be attacked, would you use nuclear weapons?” “Of course,” Han replied.

So far this year, North Korea has carried out four missile launches, including testing of more advanced technology and possible long-range capabilities.

Experts said

Experts said that the expected sixth nuclear test may be carried out at any time, as part of the Kim regime’s quest to create sophisticated nuclear missiles that can reach the continental United States. Most analysts believe that North Korea is at least a few years away from this capability, but Pyongyang already possesses weapons that pose a serious threat to US allies South Korea and Japan, as well as US troops stationed in these countries.

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